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#drive Pro Camera Review

#drive Pro Camera Review

The Sony DROIDX is one of the hottest little cameras on the market, and the company has done a great job creating a very attractive package. But does it live up to its potential? Will you get the most out of your new DROID? These are just some of the many questions you may be asking when you read the #drive pro camera reviews about Game #DRIVE. We take a look at some of the pros and cons of this exciting device.

So what’s so great about this camera? It’s easy to see why this camera review will have you glued to your monitor, itching to play all day. You can shoot great videos, even high-definition video, without worrying about the quality. This is because this camera comes with an internal memory that is larger than what is found on the iPhone. And it also comes with an external battery that will give you hours of entertainment on the go. The battery has a backlight that will also help you see in low-light conditions.

The battery life on this camera seems to vary quite a bit from person to person. Some say you’ll get about six to eight hours of life from it, while others say it lasts for nothing more than an hour or two. This camera has a built-in “live view” mode that allows you to preview what the camera will do live while you’re taking the picture. It’s nice to be able to preview before you take the actual action shot. If you ever plan on buying one of these puppies, be sure to get one with a live view.

One thing I like about the DROID is that it is a fairly small camera for its size. For a small camera, it fits nicely into a shirt pocket. It also weighs less than four ounces, which is far lighter than most compact cameras. It’s tough, too, despite its tiny size. It easily slides out of my back pocket and it can even fit into a small shirt pocket.

For someone who takes thousands of pictures a month, the built-in memory is a huge plus. I can save so many pictures on this tiny little flash stick! It stores my favorite pictures in chronological order, too. So, I don’t have to search through countless photos when I need to find a certain picture.

The Dremel tool that comes with this camera is great for trimming and cleaning the edges on pictures. This tiny tool does an amazing job at making pictures look great. The built-in flash makes photo-taking easy, but the built-in flash is not a substitute for good lighting. My pictures come out looking much brighter than they would without the flash.

Another great feature of this camera is the ability to preview photos on the #drive pro. I love this feature. I can quickly go through each one on my computer and make sure I like them before pressing the send key on the camera control dial. The result is an instant, live review of my photo. If I’m happy with my decision, I simply download the photo and press “Save”.

The durability of the camera is another reason why I’m so happy with this camera. I have taken more than a few thousand pictures with it and all have been able to survive the wear and tear. The camera body is extremely tough and the screen is also very tough. I simply wipe it clean every time I use it. The size of the grip is great as well. There isn’t any flimsy grip on this camera.

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