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Review of Isaac Sese’s The Anatomy of a Technology Device

Review of Isaac Sese’s The Anatomy of a Technology Device

What is the primary function of technology review? That’s a question I get asked a lot, most recently from an acquaintance who is an IT professional. He was wondering, how can he contribute to his industry by giving his own viewpoint on the use of technology in his line of work and whether or not he should write such reviews or not.

He told me that he likes to use technology to his advantage but he didn’t know if he should write it. Indeed, he told me that it’s a very good way to learn about the industry, how it works, what are its current uses, how much do these things cost, etc. It is also important, as he said himself, to be able to discuss the positive sides of new developments. He is a technology guy, so he finds that interesting. He feels that by writing such articles he will be educating people too.

I then asked him how often he writes such reviews. He told me that he just likes to use them once in a while, to catch up with the times. I suppose I would have to ask him why he feels it is important to do such things. I suppose it helps with his career, for one thing.

What I find interesting is how many IT professionals feel that such use of technology is unnecessary, even unprofessional. I suppose I would call such persons ignorant, lacking knowledge, and quite unprofessional. The reality is, this type of article is not written by someone who understands how this new development has changed their career, nor is it written by someone who is still using the technology themselves to help them out. So, is this how everyone should see technology?

What is the main use of technology in our world today? Computers, of course. In schools, teachers often use the old dot matrix calculator models to demonstrate the inner workings of the computer, and indeed such teaching is still used today, though most now use more modern models. Other items used in school are projectors, laptops, and various forms of media player/components. These are just a few of the uses of technology today.

But there are many other uses as well, such as telephones, television, music, and so on. With all the devices we use on a daily basis, it is hard to believe that this article is written, is that it is indeed written by someone who doesn’t even own a single item related to these devices! I think this review is clearly written by someone who does not understand technology at all. He is obviously uneducated about this subject, which makes him tone down the language he uses, and possibly skip over certain points that would be quite enlightening to someone who is well versed in this field. I would like to give him a chance, and I would like to see what his opinion is when he actually does write a piece on technology based on his own experience.

This is only one reviewer, of course, there are hundreds of them on the Internet. However, this book is certainly a clear example of a “tech blunder.” It would be interesting to see what sorts of things Mr. Sesi gets wrong when he actually tries to explain something he has observed or used. I mean if he had actually used the information he wrote about in the book, he would know that he should not have been so hasty to write such a thing as “the anatomy of a technology device,” as he clearly misunderstands it.

The very concept of an explanation of the technology is not a “tech” concept in any way, and anyone who uses a computer will tell you that there are thousands of books, articles, and even web pages out there on just this topic. One cannot write a review of technology that completely misrepresents and misleads people into believing that there are some magical pieces of equipment called technology that run everything. Science and technology do not know how to explain the technology. It is simply too vast a subject to even attempt to do so. Therefore, we should leave the field of science and technology alone, and only consider events and situations that happen to demonstrate the true nature and use of technology.

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