You are currently viewing Flip Skater – A Skateboarding App for Your iPhone

Flip Skater – A Skateboarding App for Your iPhone

Flip Skater – A Skateboarding App for Your iPhone

The world’s most famous virtual skateboarding game is nowhere! Flip Skater put the control of your iPhone in your palms to be the top dog of your favorite downhill! Slide down the ramps at high speed to reach insane heights and become the world’s best Skateboarder World! Travel around the world in some of the most exciting environments and leave your competitive Skateboarder to print everything out to wallpaper! This game gives you the opportunity to take on the competition with your all-new Flip Skater Customized iPhone Skin!

For every level, new tricks and upgrades are unlocking, giving you a never-ending supply of options to master the game. Even better, the in-app purchases unlock new tricks, giving your board a boost in power and variety. You can also purchase accessories that will help you prepare for tricks, such as air intake vents and rear ends. No matter what skill level you currently have, there is something available for you in the Flip Skater iPhone app.

When you first fire up the Flip Skater iPhone app, you’ll see three dynamic stages presented to you. These are the Prologue, the Arena, and the Pro stage. Each of these stages requires you to obtain coins by performing certain tricks and you’ll collect a set number of coins to complete each stage. Completing each one grants you a prize. The amount of prize money earned is dependent upon how well you perform during the actual competition, so be sure to work hard to complete all three.

The Flip Skater iPhone application uses a single coin system, which means that there are no competing prizes. You start with one coin and if you lose it, you must replace it with a new one before continuing your trick. The best thing about this casual app is that you only need to focus on learning new tricks instead of collecting more coins or wanting to purchase upgrades. This keeps the game interesting and doesn’t get in the way of enjoying the game. Another great thing about the Flip Skater iPhone app is that it lets you play using the popular Flip Pro camera and allows you to share your performance on Facebook and YouTube.

Flip Skater

One of the tricks you might try in the game is the halfpipe jump, also called the quarterpipe. This requires you to jump from the half-pipe onto a chair. If you successfully complete the jump, you earn one point. In this game you only have a limited time to perform the trick, so plan your tricks well to be sure to score as many points as possible. There are other exciting features available in the Flip Skater iPhone app, including helpful hints for those who struggle to nail their tricks or even the ability to post their own tricks on the website.

The Flip Skater iPhone app makes it easy to access all the great features of this exciting skateboarding game. For example, once you’ve mastered the half-pipe jump, you can challenge yourself to perform tricks in the air including the giant quarterpipe, the manual, and the supergiant halfpipe. Once you’ve mastered these tricks, you can move on to learning about different tricks such as the 180 flip, the no-touch, and the no kickflips, as well as learn how to land a variety of maneuvers including the backflip and the scissors.

The Flip Skater iPhone game is extremely enjoyable, whether you are playing casually or competitively. Some of the coolest features include the ability to use the Flip Pro camera to take high-quality photographs and share them with friends on Facebook and being able to upload your favorite photos to YouTube so others can watch them. In addition, the Flip Skater iPhone application is a very affordable and fun casual game. This is one of those rare sports apps that can appeal to both hardcore skateboarders and casual gamers. In addition, Flip Skater has received many positive reviews from both die-hard fans of the game and new users who have only heard about it on late-night television.

In summary, the Flip Skater iPhone app is a fun and exciting way to experience the fun of skating as well as collecting coins to purchase upgrades for your Flip Skater. The coins that you collect throughout the game can be used to purchase upgrades for your machine as well as spending on a variety of other activities and challenges in the game. Overall, this is a solid game and one that any skateboarder will enjoy.

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